How Does Your Credit History Affect Your Adoption Petition in San Antonio?

When someone’s adoption petition in San Antonio is denied, it can be heartbreaking. Some couples spend years trying to have children before they consider adoption. And, for a lot of people, adoption is the last option they have when it comes to starting a family. After spending countless months and thousands of dollars applying for an adoption, nobody wants to hear that their petition has been denied.

Most people wouldn’t bother trying to adopt a child if they have a feeling their petition will be denied. For example, someone with a history of child abuse charges isn’t going to ask the court to approve them as an adoptive parent. The same is true for someone who has open cases with child protective services. The court isn’t going to place a child with someone who has proven that they’re not fit to be a parent.

But, what do you tell someone who’s denied an adoption because their credit is poor? Does the information contained in a credit report really dictate whether or not you would be a good parent? In the eyes of the court, it does. This is why it’s a good idea to call an experienced adoption lawyer in San Antonio before you file your petition. They can let you know what steps to take prior to filing your petition if you want to increase your odds of having it approved.

Why Does the Court Look at Your Credit History?

It seems strange that a court would care what your credit looks like when considering your adoption petition. After all, lots of great parents are late with their credit card payments from time to time. It doesn’t make them bad parent, does it?

But when you think about it, your credit history is a reflection on you as a prospective parent. Your credit history tells the court several things, including:

  • Are you financially responsible?
  • Have you been sued in the past? Do creditors have judgments against you that could affect your ability to take care of your child?
  • Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past? If so, this could be an indication that you can’t handle your own finances.
  • Do you have several aliases on your credit report? If you have used multiple names over the years, it may be a red flag.

Generally speaking, however, your credit report paints a picture of how organized and responsible you are. It also shows patterns in your financial history. For example, if the court sees that you were paying all of your bills on time until recently, they may be concerned.

How Can a San Antonio Adoption Lawyer Help?

Your adoption lawyer in San Antonio can’t pay your bills. Nor can they fix your credit. What they can do, however, is help prepare you for filing your adoption petition. They can point out the things you need to do in order to increase your chances of having your petition approved.

When you first meet with your attorney, you can show them a copy of your credit report. If they see anything that stands out, they’ll let you know. For example, the following entries on your report can cause concern for a social worker or judge:

  • Repossessed cars or trucks
  • Mortgage foreclosures, voluntary surrenders, or short sales
  • Liens and judgments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Charged off credit cards
  • Personal loans that have not been paid or are seriously delinquent
  • Overextension of credit

While it may take time to clean up your credit, it can be done. Your San Antonio adoption lawyer can give you tips on how to fix and rebuild your credit. For example, if you have liens and judgments, you need to work on paying or settling them. You can reach out to the original creditors and negotiate reduced settlements. Once you pay these settlements, they’ll be updated on your credit report to show paid.

Repairing your credit shows the judge that you’re serious about fixing your financial picture. It also shows them that your financial situation is better now, as evidence by your willingness and ability to pay off old judgments.

Contact a Adoption Lawyer About Your Adoption Petition in San Antonio

If you’re considering adopting a child but aren’t sure if you’re ready, you should talk to someone about it. You can meet with an experienced adoption lawyer in San Antonio who can answer any questions you may have. They can also let you know what your odds of having your adoption petition approved may be.