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How many times do we hear about children who are in need of a loving family? There are so many little ones out there who would benefit from loving parents. And, there are a lot of loving people who want to adopt a child more than anything else. Yet, the system seems to make it very difficult to do this on your own.  This is where an experienced Corpus Christi adoption attorney at Eddington Worley can help.

It may have taken you years to realized you want to adopt. Maybe you aren’t able to have children. Or maybe you’ve been fortunate in life and want to share that with a child. You can spend thousands of dollars on fertility treatments before you decide that adoption is your best option.

this image shows an interracial family with their adopted child. a corpus christi adoption attorney can help guide you through any adoption.
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For other families, things happen that make it necessary for a family member to adopt a child. Some children are born to parents that aren’t able to take care of them. Thankfully, other family members are ready to step up and raise the children. 

Other times, blended families just want to unify their families. When single parents marry, their new spouse may want to adopt the children they’ve come to love. A Texas adoption lawyer can help guide you through any adoption proceeding.

Fortunately, no matter the circumstances, a compassionate and experienced adoption lawyer in Corpus Christi can help. For something as important as adoption, you should rely on someone you trust. There’s just too much at stake to handle it on your own. Call Eddington & Worley today at (281)809-9185 and schedule your free consultation with our experts to get the help you need to make your dreams of a family come true.


If You’re Looking for an International Adoption, You Need a Corpus Christi International Adoption Lawyer 

International adoptions may be the most complicated type of adoption. However, sometimes, international adoptions are the best solution for a lot of people. Thousands of babies around the world could use a loving parent. Many countries work with the U.S. when it comes to legal adoptions. There are several steps you must take to complete an international adoption. You will be working with an international adoption agency. However, you should also have an international adoption lawyer in Corpus Christi with you every step of the way.

Steps for an International Adoption in Texas

The international adoption process can seem intimidating to people who don’t understand the system. Here is a breakdown of the international adoption process in a nutshell. Meet with an international adoption attorney in Corpus Christi to discuss the process in more detail.

Decide Which country you want to adopt from

You need to do research before you decide where you’ll adopt from. You should check to see which countries have children available for adoption. Make sure the country has a good reputation when it comes to international adoptions. Some countries have agreements with other countries through the Hague Convention. They have relaxed travel laws for people completing international adoptions. Your adoption agency should be familiar with this information. Your international adoption attorney will also help in this process. They have experience handling international adoptions and know the rules and laws. 

this image shows a couple and their adopted children in a forest.
International adoption adds even more steps to an already complicated process. Get help from the professionals at Eddington Worley.

Choose an adoption agency

If you haven’t already done so, do your homework on international adoption agencies. You’ll need to go through an agency if you want to complete an international adoption. These agencies have access to information that can help locate available children up for adoption.

Complete your home study

Under Texas law, anyone over the age of 21 may apply for adoption. However, there are certain requirements you must meet before the process starts. You must complete an international adoption home study. The home study will look at several things, including:

  • Criminal records for anyone over 14 living in your household
  • Your financial records
  • Recent health records
  • Letters of reference from friends and family
  • Home inspection visits that take place prior to placement

Become eligible for adoption

You have to fill out the necessary international and local forms to become eligible for international adoption. Your local family law attorney in Corpus Christi can help you find out what forms you need. Your lawyer will help you complete the forms so you know they’re done properly. Once you become eligible, your eligibility will be good for 18 months.

Make sure the child is eligible for adoption

Just like you had to become eligible for adoption, you’ll need to do the same thing for the child you intend to adopt. Once this is done, you must apply for your child’s visa so they can enter the United States. You will need to obtain travel visas and then come home with your adoptive child

Finalization or Re-Adoption in Texas

When you get back to the U.S., you must complete a re-adoption process in Texas. The process will depend on the type of visa assigned to your child. Your adoption attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas can help you complete this process. 

Once your international adoption attorney in Corpus Christi helps you complete the final process in your home state of Texas, your adoption will be complete.

Your Corpus Christi Adoption Attorney Will Explain the Requirements for a Texas Adoption

Even local adoptions require that you follow certain steps. In Texas, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must be financially stable
  • Be a responsible and mature adult
  • Show proof of marriage or divorce depending on the circumstances
  • Attend mandatory training

Once you are deemed eligible to adopt, you must complete a home study. You’ll be assigned a caseworker who will interview you and your family. You must provide birth records for any children living in your home. 

The caseworker will also do a walk-thru of your home. They’ll make sure it’s a clean and safe environment to raise children. This may be the most important visit anyone ever makes to your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to clean your home top to bottom prior to their visit. Put all firearms away. Make sure there are no dangerous conditions in your home.

The caseworker will conduct an interview with you and your partner. They’ll ask some basic questions about you. They’re going to want to know about your parenting style. They’ll want to know why you want to adopt a child. Meet with your Texas family law attorney prior to the walk-thru and interviews. They can answer any questions you might have.

this image shows a couple carrying a young child through a park.

What is the Process for a Step-Parent Adoption in Texas?

The step-parent adoption is the most common type of adoption in Texas. Even though you’re married to the child’s parents, you still have to complete the adoption process. 

If you’re looking to complete a step-parent adoption in Texas, you must take certain steps. Your Corpus Christi family law attorney will guide you through the process. 

The process is straight forward. However, it can become very difficult. This is especially true if the biological parent refuses to consent to the adoption.

In Texas, the following process is followed for step-parent adoptions:

Parental rights must be terminated for the other biological parent

Often, the second biological parent will consent to the adoption. They can sign a consent form relinquishing their parental rights. If they refuse to do this, you’ll have to file a petition with the court. You can ask the judge to order the termination of the absent parent’s rights.

File a petition for adoption with the court.

You can do this at the same time you file for termination of parental rights. Your adoption attorney will help you file your petition with the county court. All the forms and filing fees must be filed at the same time or the process will be delayed. 

Home Study

No adoption will be approved without a home study. With a home study, an independent caseworker comes to your house. They’ll interview you and the adoptive step-parent. They’ll ensure your home is clean and safe. After the home study is done, the caseworker will file a report with the court. They make a recommendation as to whether or not you’d make a good adoptive parent. 

Attorney ad Litem is Appointed

After the home study is finished, the court will appoint something called an attorney ad litem. This person works on behalf of the children. He’ll review your application and make a recommendation as to whether or not the adoption should be approved. 

Finalization of the adoption

If the attorney ad litem approves your adoption, the judge should grant your petition. Once the adoption is approved, you’ll receive a court order stating that the adoption is finalized. This order is proof that your stepparent adoption is complete. 

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Whether you’re looking to complete an international adoption or private adoption, your family law attorney will help you every step of the way.

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