Is Domestic Adoption in San Antonio Cheaper than International Adoption?

If you and your spouse have decided you’re ready to adopt a child, then you probably already know if you want to do a domestic adoption or an international adoption. Some people want to adopt a baby from another culture. Or, they’ve done their research and they think they have a better chance of getting a child if they take the international route. However, regardless of which type of adoption you want to do, it can be very expensive. You need to pay for application fees. You’ll also need to retain an experienced adoption attorney in San Antonio, TX. Adopting a baby isn’t something you enter into lightly. You want someone there by your side to make sure your adoption is handled properly. You’ll also want someone who’s been through the process to stand by your side until your adoption is complete.

Whether or not you want to proceed with an international adoption could depend on a lot of things. Some of these include:

  • You want a child that looks like you and your spouse. If you’re from another country, then you may want to adopt a child from that country. For example, if your wife is from Korea, you may want a baby that is at least part Korean. This way, the child looks like they could be your biological child.
  • Perhaps you were adopted as a child and you want to provide a loving home for another baby. There are places in other countries where babies and kids are kept in orphanages. The living conditions are usually far from ideal for these children. You may want to provide a better life for a child and an international adoption may be the best way to do that.
  • You may think you’re going to have a difficult time adopting a child in the United States. For example, if you and your partner are gay, you may have a hard time finding an adoption agency in the U.S. Using an international adoption agency may be your best option. Your San Antonio adoption lawyer can help navigate the international adoption process.

Regardless of the reason, if you’ve decided to move forward with an international option, you can rely on the expertise of your San Antonio adoption attorney.

How Much Does an International Adoption Really Cost?

For people who want to adopt a child, financial considerations are a very real thing. It’s noble to say that there are children out there who need a loving home. However, it can be expensive to adopt a baby. This is true whether you opt for a domestic adoption or an international adoption. It’s going to cost thousands of dollars either way. And that doesn’t include the money it will cost to raise the child for the rest of their lives. So, knowing what it costs to adopt a baby is important.

Adopting a baby in the United States is actually going to be a lot cheaper than an international adoption. For example, the typical domestic adoption costs about $15,000-$20,000. This includes things like adoption fees and attorney costs. It covers the expenses for your fingerprint and background searches. And, while this might sound like a lot of money, it’s about half of what it will cost to complete an international adoption.

An international adoption can cost as much as $40,000. This is because you’re not just paying for the adoption fees. You also have to consider the costs to travel back and forth to the child’s birth country. You’ll probably have to go at least two times. Usually, you need to start the process and then, a few weeks or months later, you’ll go back to get your baby.

Contact an Expert Adoption Lawyer in San Antonio When You’re Ready to Adopt

If you and your spouse have decided you want to proceed with an international adoption, call our Texas family law firm right away. We can sit down and go over the pros and cons of an international adoption. We can also discuss the costs of an international adoption. Your San Antonio adoption lawyer can help you fill out the applications for an adoption overseas. They can also help connect you to international adoption agencies. This way, you can cut down on some of the red tape associated with most adoptions. Call today and schedule a date and time that works for you. Come in and meet with one of our expert team and get started on the process.