How Long Does it Take to Complete the Adoption Process in San Antonio?

Deciding whether or not to adopt a child is an important decision. It may be the most important decision you ever make. This is why you want to make sure you do it right. Once you’ve decided to move forward, you’ll want a skilled adoption lawyer in San Antonio by your side. Not only will this increase the chances of your adoption being approved, but it will also give you the peace of mind you need.

If you don’t approach the adoption process the right way, your case could be dismissed. Yes, you can possibly appeal the decision or file a new petition. But all this will do is cost you more money. It will also take even longer to get your adoption approved. That’s the last thing you want to do. It already can take several months to complete the adoption process in San Antonio. Even with a skilled San Antonio adoption lawyer by your side, the process takes quite some time.

One of the reasons adoptions take longer than you wish is because it’s such an important decision. Adopting a child means the court will be terminating the parental rights of the child’s biological parents. This isn’t something the court takes lightly. And, if the other parents challenge the adoption, it can take even longer. The court wants to make sure that everything they do is in the best interests of the child. This may require that you attend several hearings. It may also involve more than one home study.

While the process can take several months or even a year, it’s worth it. If you’ve been waiting to start a family, having your adoption approved is the first step. That’s why you want to have an experienced adoption lawyer in San Antonio there to help make it happen.

Be Prepared for the Adoption Process to Take Several Months

Any adoption attorney that tells you they can complete your adoption within a month or two is probably not being honest. Or, they simply aren’t being realistic. Even in a step-parent adoption, it can take several months to complete the process. It’s not a matter of you checking off a few boxes and filling out forms. There are certain things that need to be done in conjunction with the court.

Once you file your adoption petition, the wheels will start in motion. The first thing you need to do is prove to the court that the child’s biological parents have consented to the adoption. Either they’ve signed off on a termination of their parental rights or have promised to do so. In cases where the other parents are missing or can’t be found, it may take months to track them down. Perhaps they took off years ago. Or, maybe they’re in the prison system and you have no idea where they’re being held.

Once you’ve terminated their parental rights, you still need to move forward with the home study. It can take weeks to schedule your home study. Then, you need to wait for the amicus attorney to complete their report. Once this is submitted to the court, they’ll schedule your adoption hearing. But this can take weeks or months depending on how busy the court docket is. Having your San Antonio adoption attorney there to help you navigate the court system will be a tremendous help. They know the system and they are very familiar with the adoption process.

Contact an Adoption Lawyer When You’re Ready to Start the Adoption Process in San Antonio

Even if you haven’t decided for sure that you want to adopt a child, it’s never too early to meet with a lawyer. Yes, you wouldn’t want to retain an adoption law firm in San Antonio until you’re ready to start the process. But it’s still a good idea to meet with one so you can ask any questions you may have. They can also give you an idea of how the process works. Once you meet with your adoption lawyer, you may not be sure that you’re ready to adopt a child. Or, it may confirm what you already know – that you’re ready to offer a child a loving and caring home.

Call our office today and set up a date and time for you to come in. You can sit down with an experienced adoption lawyer in Texas who will reassure you that adoption is the way to go. And, when you’re ready, they’ll be by your side every step of the adoption process.