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Is It Expensive to Hire A Surrogate in Texas?

February 24, 2020
hire a surrogate

A woman who allows the usage of her womb for the gestation of an embryo for another couple is called a surrogate. When you hire a surrogate, the woman enters into an agreement called a gestational agreement with this couple that states she is allowing the use of her womb for the couple’s child for…

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How Does Your Credit History Affect Your Adoption Petition in San Antonio?

December 2, 2019
how does your credit history affect your adoption petition in san antonio?

When someone’s adoption petition in San Antonio is denied, it can be heartbreaking. Some couples spend years trying to have children before they consider adoption. And, for a lot of people, adoption is the last option they have when it comes to starting a family. After spending countless months and thousands of dollars applying for…

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Should You Consider an Open Adoption in Texas?

November 24, 2019
should you consider an open adoption in texas?

Years ago, if you adopted a child, you completed a closed adoption. There really wasn’t any other option. State laws even required that adoption records be sealed. This was mostly done to protect the birth parents. The choice to give up your child is difficult. They didn’t want to make it any more intimidating than…

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Is it Harder to Adopt Multiple Children in Texas?

November 14, 2019
is it harder to adopt multiple children in texas?

Some people try to have children for years before they realize that adoption is their best option. Other people see their kids off to college and realize they’d love the chance to provide a loving home to a child in need. Sometimes, in these situations, the family wishes to adopt multiple children. Often times, multiple…

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Is it Easy to Complete a Step-Parent Adoption in Abilene, Texas?

September 7, 2019
mother with her child after completing a step-parent adoption

If you’re interested in complete a step-parent adoption, you should contact an adoption attorney in Abilene. They can help walk you through the process. They understand the laws in Texas and know how to process works. Having an attorney can make the difference between having your adoption approved and having it denied. If you remarry…

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What are the Challenges to LGBT International Adoptions?

July 15, 2019
the challenges of lgbt international adoptions | lgbt adoption attorney

Up until recently, it was hard for LGBT couples or individuals to adopt in the United States. The biggest reason for this had nothing to do with being LGBT. It had to do with the fact that most adoption decisions were based on someone’s marital status. This means that, until Texas legalized same-sex marriage in…

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How Did the Law Regarding Same-Sex Adoption Change in the U.S.?

June 15, 2019
how did the law regarding same sex adoption change in the u.s.?

For the longest time, same-sex couples weren’t able to adopt children in this country. If a LGBT person was lucky, they could adopt a child on their own and then raise the child with their partner. But to do this, they had to deny their sexual orientation. Adoption agencies would never approve an adoption for…

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Can LGBT Couples Become Foster Parents in Texas?

May 15, 2019
foster parent process for lgbt couples in texas | lgbt adoption lawyer

There are so many kids in the foster kid system, there aren’t enough parents to take them in. Texas has a big problem with this. There is a huge backlog of kids who are in need of a safe and loving home. Yet, there are hundreds of LGBT couples desperately looking to love a child.…

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